Friday, May 28, 2010

The Soundtrack to our lives.

Talent it's self has created a complete industry of riches, glamour, money, fame and paparazzi.
In this form it's been around for as long as we can remember, it was there at your parents first date, it was there when your parents got married, in that, it may have had a major part in your creation. It's quite possible you were named after a song. Wether it's Beth by Kiss, Ruby by Kaiser Chiefs or Me and Mia by Ted Leo, who knows? It may have influence the way you dress, live your life, and how your personality develops.

By now it seems clear I'm talking about music. It is the lyrics to our struggle, the rhythm to our step, the kickstart to our adrenaline, and it is undeniable that music has gotten me, you and everyone else in the world through tough times. It's also put us through happy and fun times aswell.

As most things, the music has brought a badside to the human race. Such as drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and deffinetly some pretty materialistic people. Aside from those minor flaws, music is one of the best inventions in the world. It's really one of those, small but amazing things. Music is awesome. It is the soundtrack to our lives.

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The Soundtrack to our lives.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This week I decided to do a blog on something simple that I like. Mostly be use the stuff that I've been writing about hasn't been producing the best marks I think I can get.

So, watermelon, it all started in your first timbits soccer game when you were so very hungry...You've drank to the bottom of your water bottle and you have no idea what's coming. Suddenly, the whistle blows and you think 'yesssssssss' I can go get ice cream, but then you realize the game has seemed short, because it is only halftime. You sigh, sink your shoulders and wonder if you will survive, but wait, why is your friends mom bringing over a container with a distinct red glow? What could the mysterious container be housing? Then, like a big sac of potatoes, it hits you in the face, the container is opened and you lunge for it and realize in this container, watermelon is being held. Your face lights up and you almost scream with relief before you know watermelon is being gobbled down and no voices are to be heard, only the loud chomping and chewing of delicious, juicy watermelon being devoured by little raptors. It was then, when you discovered the beauty and importance, of watermelon.

The taste of watermelon is hard to explain, and although it tastes amazing, that isn't it's only great quality it has cool colours too, bright red with black spots and lime green with white veins. I really like these colours, and I think it really suits watermelon. It's colours make it much more appetizing as well, I wouldn't want to eat it if it were yellow and brown! It has many more good qualities too, such as it's hydration for us, the way it cools you off on a hot summer day, and it's REALLY fun to smash, if you haven't smashed a watermelon you should try it. it's worth it

To conclude, I think people you don't like watermelon should just reconsider before I come and attack you, for your probably useless
complaints about it, and whining, and obviously stupid reasoning.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Summer Plans

This summer I will be going to Mt. Hood Oregon in the US, for a freestyle skiing camp.
From what I have learned it's going to be incredible, I went to Whistler to do a similar camp in the Blackcomb glacier last year which was awesome. This year I decided to try Windells (the camp name) because of the outstanding reviews I've heard and the amount of pros that coach there. The campus is also amazing, it's basically ginormous skateboard park. They also do a skateboard, BMX biking, and snowboarding camp.

Windells as been going on for over 20 years, starting as a snowboarding only camp. Many snowboard, and apparel companies have been launched from this camp such as Bonfire Apparel, Rome snowboards, Nike 6.0, and skull candy headphones best seller of the year was windells camp.

Many famous extreme sport athletes have worked or camped at Windells, Tanner Hall 6 time x games champion sometimes hangs out at the coach residence in the summer months, Tony Hawk once stopped by for about a week, Ryan Sheckler camped at Windells for 5 years and trained there days before attending Slam City Jam in Vancouver at age 13, proceding to win a new truck that day. Sammy Carlson 2 time x games champion pretty much grew up at Windells, Shaun White, Snowboarding prodigy camped at Windells from age 6 to age 15, and at age 6 he was carried up the half pipe by the camps owner Tim Windell. 187 X games medalists have trained, worked or camped at Windells camp, and every athlete to medal from the US olympic team has worked, trained or camped at Windells camp. MTV has filmed 8 tv shows at Windells and 3 members from the Jackass movie have worked at Windells.

To conclude, I think when Windells campers, and staff call windells the funnest place on earth, they are serious.


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Monday, April 26, 2010

JB New King of Pop Over MJ? I don't think so.

Some may think Justin Bieber is the new king of pop. What do I think of this you ask? No sir-e, not a chance. As you can tell I'm fully against the statement. Justin Bieber is obviously talented, because that level of fame is pretty hard to accomplish if you're not talented. To compare him to MJ is a little out of his league, although Michael had a few flaws in his life, he is still one of the most talented people in the music industry ever.

If you didn't know, Michael Jackson was even MORE famous that Justin when he was even younger! THAT is an accomplishment to remember him and honour him by. I know alot of people will remember him by the incredible donations he has made to various charities too. I guess his lyrics were pretty good too (haha). Another reason I will remember him is because of how good he was to his fans. He never had any bad situations with his fans that I know of, and that impresses me for some reason. Considering all the publicity and fake stories that could have been made up about him being rude or anything.

The last point I would like to emphasize, which will probably convince that he is WITHOUT DOUBT the king, is his dancing. Have you SEEN his dancing? It's sick! He spins around and around on the heels of his shoes, it's crazy! And the moon walk how crazy is that? I can kind of do it, but he is the inventor and champ at it. Well, that's about it. I hope i talked some sense into you fools who think "J-Biebs" is 'cool' and 'sick' and the 'king'.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Rugby is my favourite sport, and just happens to be the best sport SJK offers! Why is this, you ask? Well I'll provide you a few reasons in these three paragraphs.

Firstly, contact sports rule all, because they require technique, speed, fearlessness, leadership, and cooperation. The tackling technique is simple in a way: hit low, wrap up the legs, and keep your head to the victims hip/butt, but really, it can be very, very difficult to learn. I'm definitely no expert, but when a 6' 2" 14 year olds are sprinting at you an want nothing more than to destroy you, it's pretty scary. At that point the technique kinda goes out the window, but that's the point of fearlessness, once you learn the technique and have it locked, it's not as scary. (I'm guessing, because I'm not a pro tackler) Speed, well consider me half of David, and Goliath is chasing me, I'm going to be thankful for being fast and agile. Leadership, Scrum half, Hooker and someone called the Number 8 man, are basically the only ones who need this skill. First of all, the backs, who have the speed, agility and score most of the trys, are supported and controlled by the Scrum half. He calls the plays and dictates where everyone is going and what everyone is doing in the backs. The Hooker (Don't Laugh it's a position) calls the plays in the line outs and has to start the balls movement toward the Scrum half behind the Number 8 at the back of the scrum. The Number 8 man is at the back of the scrum, and is in control of the power and support of the forwards in the scrums, he has to be big, strong and has to have exceptional leadership, it just so happens Andrew Belyea was our 8 man last year. He is the perfect person for the job, he also has to communicate with the Scrum half to notify him if we are losing the scrum, at that point, the 8 man will yell 'LOSING!' and the scrum half will tell the backs to get flat, which basically means we're going to be taking down Goliath sprinting towards us and defending our Try zone. That sums of the positions and qualities needed for the sport.

Now, I'm going to tell you why it's fun, and not just injuries, mud, getting dirty and being plowed through. Getting trys, is probably the best feeling ever, finally you can say that the fitness, drills and pain comes to pay you back. Not to mention your coach team is almost happier then you, and are very supportive, that what keeps you coming back to practice day after day. Newcomers often quit, but after the first taste of victory, you're hooked.
The second best feeling in the game is deaking out Goliath and possibly avoiding serious pain.
It's not as easy as you may think, 'Just juke left and you're good' um no. With a wingspan of 6'5" a few steps may be in order.

To finish things off, if I made you want to NOT play, that's unfortunate, but still give it a try, you definitely won't regret it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Even Song Banned?

In recent news Even song on friday afternoons has been bannished from St. Johns school for excessive boredom and standing up. After the break we're coming at you live with an interview with student and main supporter of the bannishement Evan McIntyre.

Don't I wish! Man, I don't think I've ever wanted class for any reason. Even song takes the cake. I'd rather have math than even song, no joke. At least I can sit down in math class, in even song three quarters of the time you're standing up. Is that what 'god' wants? For my legs to go numb and possibly break off? I guess he really believes in the whole suffer for you're righteous one deal.

On a different note, you may have seen my comment on brendan's blog, but if you haven't I basicly explained my amazing idea of having refreshments such as the cookies with the red jelly in the middle and juice after even song to replenish my mind and thinking. It would help me stay focused in science if I had two pockets full of cookies and a belly full of juice! Wouldn't you like to have a little snack break between Even song and class. I know all my friends would. Leave a comment and let me know what you think we should do after Even Song.